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Image of The $ecret of the $weep DROP 2.0

The $ecret of the $weep DROP 2.0


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This is the second installment in arpeggio exercises. This lesson pack implements using drop 2 chord voicings as arpeggio patterns. Drop 2s are multiple different inversions of 7th chords using groupings of 4 strings. A 7th chords consists of the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th notes of a scale played simultaneously. In these exercises I have laid out many variations of drop 2 chord inversions, each chord is accompanied with 3 exercises in different picking variations. 2 arpeggio exercises and 1 string skipping per chord. All notated fingerings are intended to eliminate as much barring as realistically possible. The chords in the lesson pack are:

*Major 7
*Minor 7
*Dominant 7
*Half-Diminished 7
*Diminished 7
*Minor Major 7
*Augmented Major 7
*Parallel Arpeggio Exercises

In the photos there are 3 example exercises, they consist of a Parallel Drop 2 Exercise, Minor Major 7 String Skipping exercise and partial Minor 7 Drop 2 chord voicings.

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