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Everything purchased individually amounts to $190.68! Save 73.78% with this bundle!

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Get ALL GUITAR TABS/LESSONS in the tab store!!! ALL GUITAR TABS means literally, ALL GUITAR TABS IN THE STORE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE! This includes the lesson bundle and every single one of the tabs on the site. If you are purchasing this bundle do NOT buy ANY OTHER TAB/BUNDLE in addition to this one. YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR A REFUND FOR ANY TABS PURCHASED IN ADDITION TO THIS BUNDLE.

If you do not have the program "Guitar Pro" which the files .gpx(Guitar Pro 6), .gp5(Guitar Pro 5) and .gp(guitar Pro 7/8) are for do not worry about trying to open them as they contain the EXACT same contents as the .PDF files do. Anyone with a smartphone or computer can open a .PDF file.


If you do not receive your download link immediately or within minutes after purchase DO NOT OPEN A PAYPAL CLAIM OR DISPUTE! You most likely did not double check your information before hitting purchase and entered your email address in wrong or the download link was filtered into your spam folder. If you choose to not read this and open a claim, your download will NOT be sent to the correct address until the case is resolved in our stores favor, no exceptions. To resolve this quickly DO NOT OPEN A CLAIM OR DISPUTE and contact store support at the link on this site or by emailing [email protected] with your proof of purchase.